PVR Search for same programme on both podcast and radio

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at the.forthnet.gr
Thu Sep 17 20:03:40 PDT 2015

On Thu Sep 17 16:09:07 BST 2015, Budgie wrote:

> I record both the full broadcast programme and the much abridged
> podcast version of The Early Music Show.
> In the past, podcasts were entitled "Early Music Show"
> and broadcast was "The Early Music Show."
> It was therefore easy to set up two searches and get both versions.
> BBC have recently changed their titles so both have the definite article.
> No problem I thought, make one search for --type=podcast
> and one for --type=radio.
> Unfortunately when I try and do this for the same search subject,
> one overwrites the other.
> How do I get both searches into the list please?

You can use the CLI to add those different PVR Searches
under a different name:

get_iplayer --type=radio "The Early Music 
Show" --modes=best --tag-podcast-radio --pvr-add="TEMS_BC"
(BC=broadcast version)
get_iplayer --type=podcast "The Early Music 
Show" --no-tag --pvr-add="TEMS_Pod"

(I use "--no-tag" myself  because the BBC already delivers podcast files
fully tagged...)

Running manually the Web PVR Scheduler (on Win32)
fetched me first the latest broadcast episode (present in
the radio cache) and then started downloading
those podcasts (out of a total of 184!) that were not UK-only!
(All the rest ended up as "0.00 Byte" .mp3 files on disk :-( ).
The real PITA is, of course, here the excrutiatingly long
time it takes for the podcast.cache refresh (file size ca. 17.4 MB).


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