Problems with --exclude-supplier=akamai and HD downloads

Jim web web at
Tue Sep 15 01:59:44 PDT 2015

As per the details in earlier emails on the list I changed to using hls for
fetching HD proms, etc.

This now works very well. Indeed in the mornings before 9am it fetches over
400 frames per sec. Which is *faster* than when I was using RTMP.

I had also found that exclude akamai suddenly lost the ability to get HD.
But not excluding caused RTMP fetching not to work reliably. However hls is
now excellent here.

I've not yet experimented with hls for Radio 3 though. So would be
interested in comments from others on the best mode/options for that.


In article <55F7505C.2000208 at>, Nick Payne
<nick.payne at> wrote:
> For many months I have used --exclude-supplier=akamai on my GiP command
> line as it results in a 10- or 12-fold increase in download speed
> compared to the throughput I get without that option - with the option,
> an hour long problem @1280x720 will download in around 5-6 minutes,
> without it the download takes about an hour. The command line I have
> been using is

> get_iplayer --pid=xxxxxxxx --exclude-supplier=akamai

> I returned from a weeks holiday yesterday and attempted to download a
> couple of BBC Proms programs using my normal command line, but found
> that 1280x720 resolution was not found and the download started at
> 832x468 resolution. Killed the download, removed the
> --exclude-supplier=akamai option, and the download started at 1280x720,
> but I was back to the much slower download speed.

> Any suggestions on how I can still get HD downloads at the faster rate?
> Running GiP 2.94 on Windows 8.1.

> Nick

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