Level3 CDN issue affecting RTMP HD downloads

Simon Nash get_iplayer at cjnash.com
Sat Sep 12 13:07:40 PDT 2015

Jim web wrote:
>> In the not too distant future, HLS will become the only option for us to
>> use. The BBC are planning to get rid of the RTMP streams in the near
>> future but we don't know when. The RTMP options could disappear at any
>> time though.
> Yes, I've been well aware of that for some time! You may have missed when I
> did a webpage on 'Audio Factory' that deals with the overall developments.
> I was told then that RTMP would probably stay though the Proms. But beyond
> that it may well go soon. The changes this week are a step along the way
> towards the eventual demise of RTMP I think.
> Now relieved and pleased that hls works here OK!  :-)
> Jim
Is Radio 3 320 kbps "listen again" content available via HLS yet?  If so,
how can I access it?


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