Level3 CDN issue affecting RTMP HD downloads

tellyaddict tellyaddict21 at gmx.co.uk
Thu Sep 10 12:57:18 PDT 2015

> Sorry, I'm not certain what you meant. Did you mean to say "I don't think
> limelight has *ever* served HD content"? Or are you saying it has served it
> in the past, but not now? Or?...

That should have been I don't think limelight has ever served HD content.

> So when I've been excluding akamai and getting 1280x720 my stream has been
> coming direct from Level3?

Yes it would have come from Level3 if Akamai was excluded.

> I got about 1/3rd of real time rate. i.e. it would take about three hours
> to fetch an entire 1 hour 1280x720 program. Are you saying that is a "good
> speed"? Or are you saying the slooow rate I got was anomalous and I should
> try again a few times to see if I was 'unlucky' when I tested this?

No what you are getting is not a good speed. I have just tried a 1 hour episode of Homes Under the Hammer in HD and got around 300fps and the download took about 6 minutes.

In the not too distant future, HLS will become the only option for us to use. The BBC are planning to get rid of the RTMP streams in the near future but we don't know when. The RTMP options could disappear at any time though.

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