Level3 CDN issue affecting RTMP HD downloads

tellyaddict tellyaddict21 at gmx.co.uk
Thu Sep 10 08:10:04 PDT 2015

> 2) That limelight now seems not to serve 1280x720. So if I keep excluding
> akamai I can only get 832x468... But if I include akamai I usually now get
> the very familiar symptom (1).

I dont think Limelight has never served HD content. Akamai does both SD and HD and Level3 (the problem server) does HD and Limelight does SD.

> I did try HLS but it was hopelessly slooooow. Not really usable, but I've
> still not upgraded from 2.93 to 2.94 to see if that speeds up HLS. And am
> wondering if I should simply await 2.95 which I hope will deal with the
> above. Fingers crossed! :-)

Don't think it will make any difference to you. HLS is slowed that RTMP but is still a good speed. 2.93 and 2.94 are the same except for a fix for a few live streams. Nothing changed with HLS.

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