iplayer change or...

Dave Liquorice allsorts at howhill.com
Wed Sep 9 03:16:45 PDT 2015

On Wed, 09 Sep 2015 10:03:14 +0100, Jim Lesurf wrote:

> My impression is that the apparent error reports are so random that they
> are just surface signs of a more basic problem. My ignorant guess is that
> packets are arriving too fast in too irregular an order, and something
> somewhere is being confused because it can't keep up with sorting out the
> flow into proper order.
> FWIW I have a nominally 70meg connection and when all is well, at about 
> 7-8 am I have no trouble fetching HDTV items at about x10 'real time' - at
> least using the 'x' option. I'm also using a fairly fast machine with a
> wired network. Normally I can easily do things like fetch one program
> whilst watching another and the CPU use still seems low.

If daytime downloading works but wee small hours doesn't, in a reasonably 
consistent manner, it does tend to point at something not keeping up with 
the flatout rate the BBC can throw stuff at you in the wee small hours.

GiP is the only thing that any of this household uses that can fill the pipe 
and hold it full for how ever long a download takes. We only have a tiny 
pipe though, < 5 Mbps.

I don't think the streams use a link layer error correcting transport 
protocol, so if a packet gets broken/dropped in transit it's gone forever. 
"Transit" includes any (hardware) buffers in the NIC... Makes sure you have 
the latest drivers for your NIC, see if there are any tweaks regarding 
buffers in the driver. 

Is it an "on board" NIC or a seperate card, on board stuff is normally "what 
they can get away with" but all the same 70 Mbps sustained shouldn't be a 
problem. One assumes you are saving the stream to the machines HD not a NAS 
over the same ethernet connection?



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