Extending beyond 7 days

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Dunno if this has been covered already in this thread.  I regularly get my
programmes for the last 30 days via the pvr function.  I save a copy of
tv.cache and radio.cache every few days.  Then after 30 days I can reload
the appropriate cache files from the saved ones at 6 or 7 day intervals and
run pvr with a nice long expiry date.  ie
get_iplayer --pvr  --isodate  --expiry 14400000    It works for me and would
be better if I had a batch job that saved the cache files automatically. But
as a simple windows user am not that clever.

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> Ah, hadn't read the release notes far enough back. I did find some odd
> references to a command line option which extended the time up to 30 days
> but then that was contradicted by the later information that the code
> would
> only go back 7 days even if the programme was on the Iplayer site for 30
> days. I assumed (OK, should never do that) the 7 day limit was hardcoded
> to
> stop the refresh taking ages, hence why the second post highlighted that I
> only wanted to do it for one channel.
> So, will have to do it the hard way this time, but for next time could I
> do
> the following? Before I go away I use the refresh future option, I can
> then
> somehow queue the future PID's from the PVR function so that when I come
> back and the programmes are available (but they are no longer in the
> cache)
> I can go and get them?
>> > I want to get
>> > the cache refresh to extend to a couple of weeks instead of 7 days. I
>> > understand the drawback of this is to make the refresh take longer, but
> I
>> > only want to do it for Radio 4 so presumably I can restrict the refresh
> to
>> > that one channel.
>> Please read the release notes found here:
>> https://squarepenguin.co.uk/wiki/releasenotes/
>> ...from Version 2.87 onwards:
>> https://squarepenguin.co.uk/wiki/release287/
>> Notes for 2.87 should give you the most important info (feed removal).
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