Extending beyond 7 days

George Eycott george at eycott.co.uk
Sun Sep 6 07:14:46 PDT 2015


Now that the BBC have extended their radio programme availability to 30
days, it would be nice to be able to extend the full PVR functionality  to
that time as well. For example I have been away for a couple of weeks and
now want to catch up but I have to navigate through the Iplayer site, copy
and paste PIDS for anything over 7 days ago and then use get_iplayer to
retrieve the programmes. It would be much easier to let the PVR do its
normal search. Presumably if I did this the Web PVR would also see the older
episodes as well.

Is there something in the code I can tweak to do this? My coding skills are
very basic and dated but I do know enough to break it!

I am running under Windows (sorry :-)



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