pvr search term no longer works

Trevor Campbell Davis tcd at eur.co.uk
Fri Mar 20 05:32:10 PDT 2015

I've had a similar problem since recent updates.

I use PVR for daily R3 downloads, including Afternoon on 3.  Most of them 
are still picked up PVR searches and download each day without problems.  A 
few, however, including Afternoon on 3 and Composer of the Week, for 
example, are no longer picked up by my stored generic title search.  If I do 
a new PVR search, they are listed, but I have to add them afresh to the 
stored search list.  They then list with a more specific title - for 
example, Composer of the Week followed by this week's named composer.

So the issue seems to be how to retain generic programme titles in the PVR 
regular search list, which will correctly find and download all individual 
programmes.  It may be to do with the use of word spacing, punctuation 
(colons, dashes etc) and episode references in programme name strings, but I 
haven't yet had time to investigate further.  The problem seems to have 
arisen following the need for GiP to use new programme source datasets, 
which (I suppose) may have different or more specific programme name 


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I am trying to record Afternoon on 3 - Thursday Opera Matinee using pvr
and gip v2.92.  After some patient help from dinkypumpkin in April 2013
with the command required to add to pvr list:-

get_iplayer --pvradd --type=radio --fields=episode "Thursday Opera Matinee"

This has worked fine until recently when we had to upgrade to
accommodate changes at BBC and my machine went down for a while.  All is
now working as before except for this one programme.

The entry in my pvr list is:-

pvrsearch = Thursday_Opera_Matinee
         fields = episode
         search0 = Thursday Opera Matinee
         type = radio

Does anybody have any ideas as to what I am doing wrong please?


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