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> On Tue, 17 Mar 2015 09:27:25 +0000 (GMT), Jim web wrote:

> >>> Maybe when you see black rectangles you should 'view source' (or
> >>> whatever NS calls it).  Or use Firefox (on linux).
> >> 
> >> Far easier to highlight the text in theblock with right click drag
> >> surely?
> > 
> > All that does with NetSurf here is drag the entire page. Doesn't
> > reveal the text that is hidden by black rectangles. 

> OK but how do you  highlight something (anything) to copy it to the
> "clipboard".

Ah! Sorry, I think I now see what was meant.

A *left* mouse button click-drag does 'highlight' the text as all being
white text against a mid-grey background. 

Confusion was perhaps because the mousebutton arrangements for RISC OS
may be different than other window systems. I've got so used to using a mix
of RISC OS and both ROX and xfce on Linux that I tend to adapt without
thinking, but missed your meaning here.

Doing this does show the <code> marked text. Since it was otherwise
invisible it is better, but still hard to read. I can save it as text but
that loses the font change that distinguishes code from body text, along
with other layout. Its an improvement, but still I find it hard to read.

Easier to export as a drawfile and get a clearer result. I can save out as
a drawfile as easily as text.

I'd experimented with other mousebutton and keyboard action modifier keys,
but didn't find anything that did any better.


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