radio sample rates.

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> > But I did find reading awkward using NetSurf because the definition of
> > <code> seems on those pages to cause it to render as black text in a
> > black rectangle! So I may have missed it. I assume this is a NetSurf
> > problem. (This is using the RO NetSurf.)

> Maybe when you see black rectangles you should 'view source' (or
> whatever NS calls it). 

I've been saving as a drawfile [1] and then removing the rectangles.

> Or use Firefox (on linux).

I've done that on occasion. But its often quicker to do the above as I can
go on using the same machine. I write all my notes, etc, on the RISC OS


[1] For those who don't know RISC OS, 'drawfile' is its standard vector
image format.

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