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>> Output filenames are entirely dependent on G_ip options; either one sets
>> them explicitly oneself from a mix of template & literal data (as I do),
>> or one has a default template applied.  
> That's fair enough. I assume that means the default has changed between
> 2.90 and 2.91 as I used the same command line options

IIRC the area that's changed most is the reliability or otherwise over
several versions of G_iP of seeing episode numbers in one or other of the
'full episode name' metadata fields.  

It's worth using --info to explore which fields are set to what values for
the programmes you commonly download, to get a better feel (if setting your
own template) for which fields are likely to be of most use to you. 

Also, eyeballing the contents of the cache files will show that the values
there are not always consistent in format (I mean I think the BBC do not
always describe successive episodes of the same show in the same way).  

I also see changes in the episode-related fields for some shows as a day
passes; it kind-of looks as if in some cases a junior person sets up a
programme's entry and someone else refines it later on.  Sometimes it's just
typos being fixed, but in particular descriptive text quite often changes a

> But I did find reading awkward using NetSurf because the definition of
> <code> seems on those pages to cause it to render as black text in a black
> rectangle! So I may have missed it. I assume this is a NetSurf problem.
> (This is using the RO NetSurf.)

Maybe when you see black rectangles you should 'view source' (or whatever NS
calls it).  Or use Firefox (on linux).

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