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> > I'll try to find out if that's still the case. I've ended up deciding
> > to try and write a potted 'technical history' of the iplayer
> > development. So I'll take this elsewhere as not 'on topic' for this
> > list unless people are interested.

> I'd be in interested in your "technical history" of iplayer as and when.

> Where you end up putting it is up to you and others, might be as you say
> a bit "off topic" here.

OK. I'll say more once I've got somewhere. As yet I've no idea how large it
will become or when it'll be done. And I may produce a version for 'Hi Fi
News' magazine, first, then my website, or the other way about!  As yet I'm
still finding out details and contacting a few people. Might be good if I
can do something similar to the PCM/NICAM radio distribution history page

I did a while ago. But in this case I only have a few relevant photos and
don't yet know how I'll get on!


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