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> It shows the results I got from the 44.1k output of FF+Flash back in
> 2009. The 320 aac stream was pretty clean. (Afraid the FFTs were done
> with simple windows, so a bit frizzy.) Wherever it was being done, any
> 48k -> 44.1k was being done well.

I've just found an old email from someone on the 'nemesis' side of the
Iplayer development where he told me that - at that time (2009) - the Flash
plugin couldn't cope with 48k and downsampled it to 44.1k. So they'd got
the servers to generate 44.1k to send as they'd do a better job of it.

I'll try to find out if that's still the case. I've ended up deciding to
try and write a potted 'technical history' of the iplayer development. So
I'll take this elsewhere as not 'on topic' for this list unless people are


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