radio sample rates.

Jim web web at
Sun Mar 15 10:20:26 PDT 2015

I've done some more checking.

The change seems to have occurred when I changed from using 2.90 to 2.91
but I've used the same command options thoughout.

At the same point the syntax of the fetched file names has changed for
series. e.g. I was getting the 'cosmic quest' (R4x) series in weekly
bursts. When using 2.90 the file names didn't have numbers (and are 44.1k).
Using 2.91 they have numbers (and are 48k).

I also looked back at some early tests I did where the flv isn't converted.
They're all 44.1k as well.

So this may be a co-incidence, but it looks like a change of behaviour from
2.90 to 2.91. Though why that would alter the sample rate for radio files I
don't know. When I get a chance I'll try 2.92.


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