BBC Archive - Great Egg race download problems

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Mon Mar 9 17:01:44 PDT 2015

On Mon Mar 9 20:13:58 GMT 2015, tellyaddict wrote:

> If you tell GiP to use --mediaselector=4 it seems to download 
> successfully.
> Normally you would use the page url
> ""
> in the command and GiP would find the .xml from that

 DP fixed it tonight in the develop branch - with the first post of this 
issue #138 was created in the GitHub tracker:

Commit develop-git-067d7f3

fixed the extraction of the playlist URL
from the page URL, then commits
and develop-git-9f5ff59

reinstated ms4/API and automatically use it for "archive" pages.

I verified that

perl --url="" 
 --modes=best --swfurl="" 
 --raw --force

succeeds when issued from a UK IP.
Link to the latest version of the script from the "develop" branch:

Users of OS X Yosemite could advise the OP on how to use that to rectify his 


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