BBC Archive - Great Egg race download problems

Jeremy Nicoll - ml get_iplayer at
Mon Mar 9 10:41:01 PDT 2015

Jimmy Aitken <jimmy.aitken at> wrote:

>I've been trying to work out how to download episodes of the Great Egg
>Race from the BBC archive site.  I'm actually just wanting to watch
>them, to be honest, but not on a desktop and the episodes seem to be
>only on Flash, so mobile devices don't play them.
>and using get_player (2.91) on OS X Yosemite gives:
>$ get_iplayer --url
>INFO: Trying pid:
> using type: tv
>INFO: Trying to stream pid using type tv

I wonder why "tv" here turns into "radio" a few lines further on?

>INFO: pid not found in tv cache
>INFO: 1 Matching Programmes
>ERROR: Failed to get version pid metadata from iplayer site
>INFO: Trying pid:
> using type:
>INFO: Trying to stream pid using type radio
>INFO: pid not found in radio cache

(I dunno how to fix it.)

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