Episode numbers missing

Dave Liquorice allsorts at howhill.com
Sun Mar 8 01:29:53 PST 2015

On Sun, 08 Mar 2015 16:13:20 +0800, Alan Milewczyk wrote:

> Running v2.91 on Win 7 x64. Not sure if it's something I've done but 
> I've noticed that in the last few weeks where a TV episode used to have 
> an episode number and name in the title field, now just the name 
> appears.

All TV series or just some? Filename on disc or that presented by a front 

I use "fileprefix <senum>.<episodeshort>.<pid>" in my options file and most 
of the time it works but the BBC is inconsistent in where it places 
series/episode numbers.

Of the series I routinely collect Horizon is the worst. What series/season 
info there is is in GIP's name field, episode info might be totally abscent. 
And what info is provided doesn't match that used by thetvdb.com, the latter 
is fairly consistent in it's specials/series/episode numbering.


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