Dude, where's my Top Gear news item ...

Mable Syrup blackonesugar at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Mar 4 14:29:10 PST 2015

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 Subject: Re: Dude, where's my Top Gear news item ...
 To: "get_iplayer" <get_iplayer at lists.infradead.org>
 Date: Wednesday, 4 March, 2015, 0:28
 > Just had occasion
 to re-download Top Gear, series 22 epi 5.  It now comes in
 a few minutes shorter than the version I grabbed nearer
 transmission.  A bit of comparing, and it seems that a
 jokey item on VW golf warnings has been removed.  But - and
 this is the thing - the iplayer view-in-browser version
 still has it in its original form. Any thoughts on why the
 source that G-Ip uses would be adulterated in this manner,
 or how to get the web version?
 > Mable
 Looking at --info on it it looks like there are
 2 working versions available. editorial and shortened.
 Editorial HD is 1069 MB compared to the shortened HD version
 at 1030MB. Default is a non working version just containing
 subtitles so get_iplayer tries the next available version
 and appears to go for shortened. As that works it
 doesn't try for the editorial version.
 If you want the slightly
 longer one, you will have to put it in the command. eg.
 get_iplayer --pid b05469cm --modes=best

Thanks - you have to wonder what the point of the shortened version is - perhaps that how the repeat went out.  Bit of a pain to have to look and see if there are variations in content as well as video quality.

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