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Tue Mar 3 04:31:58 PST 2015

In article <ACA43D5DA2CA44B89FB549B8E8C37EC6 at vasonote>, Vangelis
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> As George has guessed, you are probably running an older version of GiP;
> latest tag 2.91 downloads your programme fine:

> perl get_iplayer-291.pl --type=radio --pid=b053c3pd --modes=flashaac
> --force

I've now downloaded and tried the 'latest' get_iplayer. As before I then
tried it using

get_iplayer --type=radio --no-tag --pid b053c3pd

as the options. This does successfully get me a 'default' labelled m4a file
of the wanted last episode. :-)

However the file is noticable smaller than the others (14 meg versus 33
meg) and is only 130 kbps rather than 320 kbps. The meaning of 'default'
seems to have changed!  :-/

Can someone explain how I ensure I get the ~320 kbps version? Or have the
BBC also dropped the quality for the last episode so this is a good as that



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