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> On Mon Mar 2 14:20:01 GMT 2015, Jim Lesurf wrote:

> > So I'm curious as to why just one episode out of ten should differ
> > from the others.

> As George has guessed, you are probably running an older version of GiP;
> latest tag 2.91 downloads your programme fine:

OK, thanks. I'll try that later today. I've been using 2.90

Given that Jeremy scolded me for not having tried --verbose I did that,
but the result didn't seem to explain anything. So my plan was to try 2.91
next. However if anyone wants, I can post the resulting messages I got.
Probably simpler at this point to just try 2.91, though.

   <northmedia1 at the.forthnet.gr> wrote:
> I do not know the extent at which you are familiar with the inner
> workings of iPlayerRadio and, hence, GiP, but this last of the 10
> available episodes:
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03k5dvd/episodes/player uses only the
> mediaselector/5 API URL to generate stream data; the previous 9 also use
> the older mediaselector/4 API URL.

Ah! OK, so that confirms that the last episode *is* different. Fair enough.
My puzzlement was that it seemed odd for the BBC to make one episode
different to the rest. Made me suspect I was simply doing something wrong.

Afraid I don't understand the inner workings of gip at all. I understand
the basic functional approach in general terms, but none of the real
details. Hence I'm sure any questions I ask will be idiot-level.



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