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Mon Aug 31 03:11:47 PDT 2015


C E Macfarlane wrote:
> Vangelis wrote:
> >     PID strings which begin with "b0xxxxxx" 99.9% of times
> >     correspond to (full) broadcast episodes/shows - these do come
> >     into HD versions (as a rule of thumb; exceptions may apply...).
> [snip]
> >     PID strings that begin with "p0xxxxxx" can also correspond
> >     sometimes to full episodes broadcast on TV, but usually the are
> >     reserved for Red Button/iPlayer-only material.
> I can see no evidence for any such distinction, AFAICS they are used
> about equally.

    All PIDs consist of a lower-case letter, followed by seven or more
    other characters which may be lower case letters, or digits.  Vowels
    (a, e, i, o, u) are not used, so that offensive words cannot be
    generated inadvertently.  The first letter "b" means the content
    reference identifier (CRID) authority is Red Bee; a "p" means that
    the authority is the BBC's Programme Information Pages database,
    (PIPs).  An "s" is used internally, for PIDs identifying partners
    and suppliers.  Other sources, denoted by different opening letters,
    could potentially be introduced.

IOW, the set of possible PIDs has been divided between authorities so
they don't have to collaborate over avoiding a clash.  More detail on
that page, e.g. ones starting with `w'.

Cheers, Ralph.

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