C E Macfarlane c.e.macfarlane at
Sun Aug 30 09:22:29 PDT 2015

Vangelis, much of your information is very useful and to the point, so I'm
disappointed to have to argue you with, as below ...

>     PID strings which begin with "b0xxxxxx" 99.9% of times
>     correspond to (full) broadcast episodes/shows - these do
>     come into HD versions (as a rule of thumb; exceptions may
>     apply...).
>     PID strings that begin with "p0xxxxxx" can also correspond
>     sometimes to full episodes broadcast on TV, but usually
>     the are reserved for Red Button/iPlayer-only material.

I can see no evidence for any such distinction, AFAICS they are used about
equally.  For example, the following is a list of complete programmes which
I want to watch and which either have been broadcast in the last week or so
or will be broadcast within the coming week, and the b0*s and p0*s are
evenly split.

Britain Beneath Your Feet;
Clydebuilt; Ships That Made The Commonwealth;
Heritage; The Battle For Britain's Past;
Ian Hislop Goes off the Rails;
India; Nature's Wonderland;
Love And Betrayal In India; White Mughal;
Miniature Britain;
Natural World; Heligan - Secrets Of The Lost Gardens;;
Natural World; Living With Baboons;
Secret Life Of Waves;
Treasures Of The Indus;
Who Were the Greeks;

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