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> It's encouraging that the bit rates for Radio 3 are pretty sensible, 
> recognising the content requires a decent rate to do it justice but it's 
> obvious here that they regard TV viewers as a different breed, 
> irrespective of the content! :-(  It's interesting that DVB-T2 has 
> different bit rates, every medium seems to have its own standards. I 
> used to have a couple of Topfield 5800 receivers but they gave up the 
> ghost a few years back and from memory they only did SD anyway so these 
> days I use the Humax Foxsat-HDR.

FWIW I use a 290e to record the DVB-T2 versions. There the complication
tends to be the way they switch to/from 'surround' at times. I've not
checked any of the Proms from this year as yet, but this showed up in
previous years.


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