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> On 24/08/2015 09:53, Jim web wrote:
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> > Similarly I found some time ago that there are at least *two* versions
> > of the iplayer's schedules day-page listings. One of which only goes
> > back a week, while the other covers the full month.
> >
> I've not seen the "full month" version - could you post a sample URL
> please?

I suspect you have, but I've not explained clearly!

Apologies as I had to copy across the following URL  via pen and paper, so
may have made an error..


gives me a page in FF with a horizontal row of clickable icons. Provided
the browser window is wide enough "yesterday" is at the center and there
are icons for the next and previous week and a day. i.e. at present the
center is Monday 25th, and the left and right hand icons are last Monday
and next Monday.

If I click on the icon for last Monday the displayed page rearranges to be
centered on last Monday, and I can then click and earlier day's icon to
move to that. For this page the process allows me to find and access
programmes over the last month from today.

This is what I was referring to. It gives access back for a month, but the
span shown at any time is less wide - it only covers +/- week plus a day at
any display center.

I suspect you do know the pages I was referring to but may have thought I
meant the entire month of programming was displayed on a single page.
However that wasn't what I had in mind, so apologies if what I wrote wasn't

The other version I referred to had a different URL format. However I last
tried it many month ago, and haven't yet been able to remember it! I think
I do have it noted somewhere, but not yet found it. It became irrelevant
once the above one was working. I can't now even recall exactly when I last
checked the old, limited, version. Been looking today, but no success. The
page it gave looked very much like the one delivered above, but the
horizontal set of icons only went back a week, and clicking on the one a
week ago didn't change the page to push back the scope.

FWIW I suspect the older format was a hang-over from the days when the
iplayer was limited to a week back. But it was left in place.

> ... But, having said that, www.bbc.co.uk
> is an amazing site for the sheer diversity of content - it's been my
> home page for ages.

I've written my own home page. The iplayer addresses and top level BBC
pages are some of the main links. :-)


Electronics  http://www.st-and.ac.uk/~www_pa/Scots_Guide/intro/electron.htm
Armstrong Audio  http://www.audiomisc.co.uk/Armstrong/armstrong.html
Audio Misc  http://www.audiomisc.co.uk/index.html

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