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In article <20150823120627.4EF5D2514B at orac.inputplus.co.uk>, Ralph
Corderoy <ralph at inputplus.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi Jim,

> > However some go to pages *with* video or audio. But these *don't* all
> > have a URL of the 'programmes/<pid>' format.

> A precise URL please.  Why should we have to hunt?  :-)

I should apologise for that. I use my mainRISC OS box (ARMiniX /
PandaBoard) for reading and writing emails, etc. But the main browser for
that is NetSurf. No Flash, little or no JavaScript <sic> which means I
don't generally bother to use it for the BBC website because it doesn't
give useful results... usually. But see below...

My main Linux box shares the same display, etc, but not via a KVM, so I
can't easily use both at the same time. Hence I generally have to arrange
to copy across URLs somehow. Typically via ye olde pen and paper plus mark
one eyeball.

However I got an interesting result when I just tried. :-)

I connected a Linux laptop in the same room and used FireFox on that to
look up a suitable URL as an example. The aim being that I could then give
that here.

The example I picked was


(You can see why I was hesitating to simply write down the URL to type into
an email. I'd almost certainly get it wrong!)

which has a video whose source file pid I can't see using FireFox. (But may
be missing something.) Usually, when I use the BBC 'Collections' or main
listings I can hover the mouse to see a URL. But that didn't seem to work
in this case.

However I tried that URL on NetSurf/RO and got the same page - but with a
still image which differs from the one I see on the above page with RO! I
clicked on the image in NetSurf and it took me to


Which looks like giving the source file pid the source file. I'll try that
and see how I get on.


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