Beeb iPlayer Truncations continue ....

CJB chrisjbrady at
Wed Aug 19 03:12:37 PDT 2015

There is a thread about this at:

Specifically SB reports:

Re: Lines from my Grandfather's Forehead

- the first episode was 29.31 mins. first time round - but was
truncated at the start; now it is 32.12 mins - and is complete.

- the second episode is 29.52 mins. but does not seem to be truncated (just)

However it is unacceptable in having to listen again after a few days
to see if they've corrected matters. I'm not sure if this truncation
affects downloads. But if they start charging for downloading then
they have to get the uploads right first time. I'm certainly not
paying twice for a truncated download, only to have to download an
episode again in the chance that it has been replaced with a complete

The other question is how is this happening - is the Beeb really
capturing its own streams yet getting the timings wrong? If they
simply added a minute at either end then programmes wouldn't be
truncated, and even with thousands of files available that doesn't add
up to much extra storage - especially since storage is so cheap. This
appears to be a consequence either of shear incompetence or penny

Dad's Army, Navy Lark, and loads of other programmes are affected -
and folks are not happy.

Maybe someone here with contacts in the Beeb can elucidate why this is
happening, and why the Beeb isn't doing anything about it.



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