Clangers missing

tellyaddict tellyaddict21 at
Tue Aug 11 03:00:35 PDT 2015

> I wonder what gip command it uses to fetch all the episodes.  I have
> not found it yet.

You can use the series PID from iPlayer. When you search for clangers and look at the 26 available you get taken to this page the PID in there (b05zfxkz) is the series PID. You will sometimes get the brand PID instead which will list all episodes from every series of a programme and download any that are availale.

"get_iplayer modes=best --pid=b05zfxkz" will list all episodes from that series whether they are available or not. If you want to download that list, adding --pid-recursive to the command will download any of them that are available.

"get_iplayer modes=best --pid=b05zfxkz --pid-recursive"

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