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> On Wed Apr 29 14:18:21 BST 2015, Jim Lesurf (aka jim web) wrote:

> > So, is episode 2 available as HD but I failed to fetch it for some
> > reason? Or is this series 'mixed' for some reason?

> Hi again, Jim :-)

>  First thing, you typed your first pid wrong; it's b01jt9bv (not
> b01jt96v)

Apologies. The problem is that I can't read my own handwriting! 8-/

I sat in front of the 'AV' machine and wrote down the pid with ye olde pen
and paper. Then used that to type the email, but misread what I'd written.

[snip useful info]

> If you strongly feel episode 2 should've been made available in HD, feel
> free to contact the beeb and let them know...

Alas, I don't know anyone on the 'TV' side as my main interest is sound
radio. But I may ask someone I know. It seems odd that the episodes are
treated differently, so I'm wondering if someone clicked the wrong option

Oh well, my main interest in these programmes are when they are the kinds
of areas I remember from my ancient past. So - fingers crossed - I hope
later editions that I'm interested in *are* HD! Its particularly useful for
seeing the map projections.

Thanks for the info. My problem with --verbose is that I'll also have to
work out what it reports actually means! But I'll experiment with it!

Thanks for the help,


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