secret history of our streets - sd or hd

Jim Lesurf web at
Wed Apr 29 06:18:21 PDT 2015

I'm puzzled by an inconsistency I've encountered between episodes of this

Series 1 episode 1 - Deptford => HD file obtained  (pid b01jt96v)

Series 1 episode 2 - Camberwell => SD file obtained (pid b01jzpm3)

I used the same options as usual for both of them, and which normally
gets me the 'best' (i.e. normally HD when available). FWIW I look at the
BBC listings and find the pid number to use in each case.

I think the series was made in 2012/13. And I expected all the episodes to
be HD. However Radio Times omits an (HD) for them both in its listings.

It seems very odd for a series to be partly HD and partly SD. So, is
episode 2 available as HD but I failed to fetch it for some reason? Or is
this series 'mixed' for some reason?

Using 2.92.


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