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> > I've been told that

>  Many thanks for looking into this, Jim; much appreciated!

> > Apparently the general wish of the device makers was for this as a
> > 'lowest common denominator' to maximise the number of 'legacy'
> > devices that could accept the resulting shoutcasts.

>  Fair enough... I would've thought a SR of 48.0kHz was compatible with
> most devices, but it appears it's not!

I guess the device makers decided that 'more old devices can cope with
44.1k, so we'll go for quantity'. I assume the BBC people would have found
it - if anything - easier *not* to change the rate since all else is 48k.

As has been observed in the discussion on CD quality, etc, the sad reality
is that most listeners don't really notice. I wish it were otherwise, but
serious audio quality is very much a minority interest, alas. I can only be
thankful that it remains something that the R3 people do care about.


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