Sampling frequency on Radio programmes

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Sun Apr 19 12:49:24 PDT 2015

On 19/04/2015 14:18, Jim web wrote:
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>     Alan Milewczyk <alan at> wrote:
>>> The endgame should be that we can now all get better quality 48k.
>> I would have thought that the difference in audio quality between 44k1
>> and 48k would be marginal, if at all discernible to the human ear.
> Yes. The difference is generally likely to be somewhere between slight and
> undetectable *if the conversion is done well*. However from the POV of the
> audiophile engineer *any* conversion can be expected to degrade the results
> by losing some info. Just a question of degree. So best to avoid them if
> you can.
Yes I agree, best left alone.
> [1] For some examples of how digital 'improvements' can muck up audio, have
> a look at OK, this is
> from Audio CDs but it shows what can go on.
Fascinating article, even though some of the detail went over my head, 
it illustrated the dangers where remastering engineers don't really 
understand all the ins and outs.



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