Sampling frequency on Radio programmes

Alan Milewczyk alan at
Sun Apr 19 05:15:14 PDT 2015

On 19/04/2015 12:23, Jim web wrote:
> In article <553370DA.90207 at>, Alan Milewczyk
> <alan at> wrote:
>> I've noticed that recently the sampling frequency on Radio programmes
>> has changed in the last few months from 44.1kHz to 48kHz. I always
>> thought 48kHz was only used as the audio component of video files
>> whereas 44.1kHz was the standard for standalone audio.
> Short answer:
> Yes the files available did change a while ago.
> Longer answer:
> The background is more complex.
> The endgame should be that we can now all get better quality 48k.
I would have thought that the difference in audio quality between 44k1 
and 48k would be marginal, if at all discernible to the human ear.
>   But
> negotiating the next few months of changes may be tricky. However at least
> I've been able to draw some issues to attention, and that may help smooth
> things.
> That said I do hope that a new get-iplayer equivalent that can work via a
> non-RTMP route will be possible.
Really appreciate the detailed response Jim, I certainly wasn't aware of 
the complex history.

Thanks again


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