problems downloading certain BBC radio 4 programmes

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Wed Apr 15 16:58:55 PDT 2015

On Wed Apr 15 23:59:14 BST 2015, peter wrote:

> it is ignoring it under my setup
> since it thinks it's a future programme:
> (snip)
> INFO: Ignoring Future Prog: '12736: Drama: The Left Hand of Darkness -
> Episode 1 - 2015-04-18T21:00:00+01:00'
> HOWEVER, I have just re-run it adding the --refresh --future option and
> it has successfully downloaded it!
> Perhaps I need to add that option as a permanent setting in my 
> configuration

Hi again!

Your issue is caused by bug #145 of the GitHub issue tracker:

According to
Ep1 was originally broadcast on Sun 12 Apr 2015 (past),
but is quickly (<14d) to be repeated on Sat 18 Apr 2015
(future). In your setup, Ep1 can be downloaded normally
after the repeat has aired...
As you've found out already, you can NOW fetch it with
the  --future switch...
I would advise against using the future cache for now
(with tag 2.92); bug #145 is fixed with commit
git-9beac51 in the GitHub (dev) repo:

This is the 2.93-dev branch, to be merged with
the master branch at next scheduled release.
It SHOULD be possible to manually update
to the dev version of the script, if you're so
impatient and plan to continue using the future cache:

 I have a strong feeling the other "BBC radio 4 programmes"
mentioned in the subject of your OP all fall into the
same category...

Glad to have helped!

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