problems downloading certain BBC radio 4 programmes

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Wed Apr 15 15:17:05 PDT 2015

On Wed Apr 15 22:13:13 BST 2015, Peter Selley wrote:

> The pid no for "Left Hand of Darkness" is b05pkqkl

As GiP already tells you, this is the "Series PID",
not the episode PID;

Only Ep1 so far available on iPlayer, with PID=b05pkpgg

I am on Win32, so can't pretend to be offering real help,
but FWIW

perl --type=radio --pid=b05pkpgg --radiomode=flashaac --tag-podcast-radio

works as expected in my setup with GiP tag 2.92.

Have you tried the hlsaac radiomode?

Try --verbose switch and paste terminal output
(preferably to pastebin and the likes), so that other
list members/watchers with same OS as you can
hopefully pinpoint what's gone awry in your case...

Kind regards 

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