Fred Dibnah's Magnificent Monuments - Episode 1

Jonathan Larmour jiflgetiplayer at
Mon Apr 13 04:53:56 PDT 2015

On 12/04/15 23:34, Peter S Kirk wrote:
> I have all six episodes on cloud storage which I can share with you. PM me 
> if interested.

This list must not be used as a forum for exchanging episodes or offering to
do so. get_iplayer is for personal use only because that's the basis of
iPlayer access. If people use it to circumvent that (especially visible here)
then it will inevitably lead to (or accelerate) the BBC killing off
get_iplayer by putting additional obstacles in the way, especially DRM. That
harms the much larger number of well-behaved GiP users.

This mailing list is an open list; anyone can be on it including BBC staff,
and the archives are public.


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