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Fri Apr 10 11:29:04 PDT 2015

320kbps HLS radio streams are live only. The Listen Again HLS streams are 128kbps, annoyingly even for Radio 3 HD which is still 320kbps on RTMP. It makes no sense but that's the way it is. On my SqueezeBox I can listen to any and all of these using the iPlayer and iPlayerExtras plugins, all open source community work.

Why would software for downloading BBC iPlayer content even consider downloading content for other TV and radio channels, which use different streaming standards and different schedule databases? That makes little sense.
Owen Smith <owen.smith at>
Cambridge, UK

On 10 Apr 2015, at 19:02, "C E Macfarlane" <c.e.macfarlane at> wrote:

> Fourth attempt, here are some suggestions/requests for features ...
> 1)    How near are we to an option to download the 320kbps streams that I have
> seen discussed?
> 2)    How near are we to an option to download output from other sources, such
> as RTE previously discussed, but also C4, ITV?
> 3)    Print the time when starting a download, so that later the finish time
> can be estimated.
> 4)    As previously requested, a command-line option to camelise the filename,
> for example ...
>    Letter_From_America_By_Alistair_Cooke
> ... instead of the default ...
>    Letter_from_America_by_Alistair_Cooke
> 5)    As previously requested, a command-line option to prevent the cache being
> flushed and re-downloaded.
> 6)    A command-line option to change the rtmpdump timeout default, currently
> hardcoded to 10  -  I am having to use 100 because of the slowness and
> flakiness of my internet connection, still unfixed by BT after reported as a
> fault a month ago.
> 7)    A command-line option, perhaps linked to the --force and/or --overwrite
> options, to clear duplicates from the download history, by choosing either
> the HD version or the most recently downloaded version and deleting others.
> Thanks for all the work.
> C E Macfarlane
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