Recent spam surge...

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Tue Apr 7 15:58:20 PDT 2015

Hello all...
 I have been following this list since the start of 2011; 
there has always been the odd spam post, but as one 
can verify by browsing the list archives:

it was very infrequent - say one every 6 months?

Now it is already Apr 8th 2015 in my timezone 
and there exist already 4 spam mails in the April 
archive (1 from E-ZPass Support and 3 from 
FedEx Ground).

As tellyaddict has said, I understand that if 
a whitelisted e-mail address gets subscribed 
to the list, the spammer can then forward 
spam to all members (and the list archives).

It then is the responsibility of the list maintainer 
to block those spamming e-mail addresses...
I do hope Mr Woodhouse does so, eventually...

I remember a previous case of spamming to 
the list some months ago, but it was because 
a member's account was compromised; 
I don't think these recent examples fall 
into that category... or could they?

Fortunately, just by reading the subject title 
you can tell it's spam right away! 
A decent anti-malware/anti-virus software 
can protect you from any malevolent 
attachments... When spam started in mid-March,
David hinted he would revise the types of 
attachments permitted on this list:

However, spam with possibly malicious zip files attached 
still make it to the list...
Until this spam issue is dealt with, I urge you not to open 
those mails at all, nor to start threads by replying to them - 
just to be on the safe side...
Now comes the question why this list has become the 
target of spammers? Is it perhaps a co-ordinated attempt 
to discredit the list and the get_iplayer project? 
(Or perhaps I have been reading too many 
conspiracy theories...)

As far as the issue Jim web raised, it is indeed true 
all our e-mail addresses are out there in the open to exploit 
from the list archive pages...

is particularly guilty because at the bottom of each mail 
contains a "Reply via email to (name of poster)" button, 
that - when clicked - sends a private e-mail directly to 
the original poster.
 I have personally received off-list mails over the course 
of the last four years, however none of them was what I 
would describe as spam - of course I can't offer personalised 
help; I did do it in some rare instances, but the list is there 
for all members to offer assistance,  
if and when they can, out of their personal time... 
Now that dinkypumpkin hardly ever posts, it's a question of users 
aiding other users...
 So, if e-mail anonymity is a must have, one should 
opt for the Support Forum:
where an e-mail is indeed needed for registration, 
but this remains known only to the admin of the 
forum, i.e. Square Penguin...

Best regards,

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