Incorporating Thumbnail in .mp4 file

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Sat Apr 4 18:07:42 PDT 2015

On Sat Apr 4 23:40:31 BST 2015, Budgie wrote:

> I understand it is possible to run something like ffmpeg
> and incorporate the .jpg into the .mp4 container. 
> Please could somebody give me some 
> directions on this.

 You'd better stay away from FFmpeg - it transforms 
the image file to a video stream; this is not what you want!
Use a dedicated MP4/M4A tagger, like AtomicParsley, 
MP4Box etc.
Read more at:

"Print" help files for AP/MP4Box for more detailed "How-To"s...
If on Windows and prefer a GUI, Peter's suggestion works fine!

If you are not trimming/deleting your get_iplayer history file and 
you've managed to get AP properly installed now, there's a good 
chance your history file contains entries for those tagless files. 
E.g. if your tagless mp4/m4a file corresponds to pid=xxxxxxxx,
you can place it inside GiP's download folder (where it was 
initially created) and then "tag from history":

get_iplayer --history pid:xxxxxxxx --tag-only

This should work if
1. There's only ONE instance of xxxxxxxx inside history; 
I have found that if I re-downloaded via --force and a second 
instance was created, the above command fails 
(@ dinkypumpkin: possible bug?).
2. The file was not downloaded before the Oct 2014 BBC 
changes (death of XML feeds). In that case, history points 
to a non-existing thumbnail resource.


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