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> Greetings all :-) !
> As Chris has mentioned in a July thread
> ( 
> :
>> I notice that the time for listening on iPlayer has now been 
>> extended to 4 weeks.
> When I first read this, I thought it was a universal rule,
> applying to all radio content from the beeb...
> I am mainly interested in Radio1 & Radio 2 music shows, so
> forgive me if the situation is different for speech oriented content
> (e.g. Radio 4 & 4Xtra), but has this decision been REVOKED
> or REVISED in any way?
> Take for instance the following radio shows:
> 1) The Official Chart (Radio 1):
> 2) The Official Chart Update (Radio 1):
> 3) Pick of the Pops (Radio 2):
> As you are able to see, shows from the previous week and from
> over a forthnight ago have been made available for the stated 4 
> weeks,
> however the recent shows have fallen back to the previous state of
> being available for only 7 days after initial broadcast (???) ( 
> :-{ )
> I am about to leave come next week for 10 days to a place without
> internet access, so at first I thought I could catch up on my missed
> radio content when back thanks to this extended availability period;
> however the issue I bring up ruins it for me...
> Does any of you have more info on this?
> Many thanks,
> Vangelis.

I don't know a definitive answer, but I know that the BBC has to 
negotiate with what I would deem "interested parties" about what is 
available through iPlayer, and for how long.

Anything with recorded music would fall into this category, as do many 
films (some of which do not appear on iPlayer at all). It may be this 
consideration that has caused the re-think. Podcasts always exclude 
any recorded music for this reason.

That is my educated guess.

I record Pick of the Pops every week, so can always supply you with a 
copy, if you miss an episode.



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