CMD Line Radio downloads have stopped working with Windows

J K.Eason mail at
Wed Apr 23 02:48:00 PDT 2014

> On 23/04/2014 08:00, Don Grunbaum wrote:

> I notice one odd thing in the command prompt that I haven't seen 
> before. At the end there are three entries that say "Wide character 
> in print at line 311". Usually I just see something 
> about missing favicon.

Downloads are working fine here (using the command line), but I'm also
seeing the 'Wide character' lines. - I have separate shortcuts set up to
create formatted text files of the radio and TV listings. This is the
radio one (should be all on one line):
C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /k get_iplayer.cmd --type=radio --tree >

The command line window is now displaying around 30 of those 'Wide
character' warning lines each time I run the command although the output
file is still fine.


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