CMD Line Radio downloads have stopped working with Windows

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Wed Apr 23 01:14:47 PDT 2014

On 23/04/2014 08:00, Don Grunbaum wrote:
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> Subject: CMD Line Radio downloads have stopped working with Windows
>> On both my computers (Windows XP) one running 2.85, the other 2.86 I 
>> am no longer able to download radio programmes from the domestic 
>> network.
>> This seems to have happened since the weekend
>> .....
> Sounds very much like the problems I have been reporting and still 
> encounter.
> Don
Exactly the same problem for me (but with WebPVR) - Radio not 
downloading since at least Monday (didn't try over weekend, last 
successful recording previous Friday). Get_iPlayer tries hard but 
ultimately fails with radio, TV recording works fine.

For radio, a "partial" file is created on the HD but is deleted when 
failure is confirmed and Get_iPlayer then moves on to the next radio 
show (to fail again).

I notice one odd thing in the command prompt that I haven't seen before. 
At the end there are three entries that say "Wide character in print at line 311". Usually I just see something about missing 

I run Get_iPlayer using webpvr and I have it recording TV and radio to 
two different directories on the same local HD. The only added setting I 
use is "best" and I have not changed anything recently in my setup.


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