get_iplayer 2.86 released

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That's great, Vangelis - I'll give it a try.

Should have mentioned that I'm using a Windows 7 installation, both PVR and 
CLI when necessary.

Thank you.


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On Mon Apr 7 17:32:13 BST 2014, Trevor Campbell Davis wrote:

> One query.
> If I download a thumbnail as described (after the event) to replace a grey
> rectangle, can I / how do I then merge it with the original downloaded 
> mp4?

Hello, Trevor.
You can use the CLI MP4 tagger AtomicParsley, already part of the
get_iplayer installation.
You mention nothing about the type & version of your OS, I can only speak
about Windows x86.
The AtomicParsley executable is found inside GiP's installation folder, in
my case:

C:\Program Files\get_iplayer\AtomicParsley\AtomicParsley.exe

First, do back-up your MP4 file, especially if it's an expired programme, in
case something goes awry...

Open a command prompt window inside the AtomicParsley folder (for Vista and
higher, keep SHIFT pressed
and right click on the folder; from the context menu, choose "Open Command
Window Here").

If you run:

Atomicparsley "/path/to[file_with_grey_thumbnail.mp4]" --artwork
REMOVE_ALL --overWrite

the grey thumbnail will be removed.


Atomicparsley "/path/to[file_with_no_thumbnail.mp4]" --artwork
"/path/to[correct_thumbnail.jpg]" --overWrite

will produce an MP4 file with the correct thumbnail embedded.

(the procedure also works for M4A audio files - I myself was hit once by
this "grey thumbnail" bug on a Radio 2 programme... )
(NB: --overWrite is with a capital W).

Hope I've helped :-)


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