Default options and PVR

Derek Moss dmgi at
Sun Sep 29 14:29:08 EDT 2013

 On 29 September 2013 18:53, dinkypumpkin <dinkypumpkin at> wrote:
> On 29/09/2013 17:34, Derek Moss wrote:
>> On 29 September 2013 15:53, Simon Morgan <s.morgan at> wrote:
>>> If you check the wiki concerning PVR setting, basically it says that any
>> Sure, I understand that the web pvr settings will override the options
>> file but it seems that when I first launched the web pvr, it was set
>> to Best and ignored the Good set in the options file, which is what I
>> don't understand as I don't think there was any cookie set at this
>> point.
> Take Simon's advice and read the Web PVR help file (top right Help button in
> Web PVR, also in wiki).  It is explained there, under "Relationship to CLI".

I had already looked at the wiki and couldn't find the answer, which
is why I posted.

I've looked again and can't find any "Relationship to CLI" page here or under Options or Installation

I don't currently have GI installed in my Windows, so can't use the
Web PVR help.

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