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I thought someone told me once that the options stored in
C:\User\x\.get_iplayer\options would apply to the WebPVR as well but that
they could then be overridden by changing them in the WebPVR, which would
store them in a cookie.

I've just migrated my brother to his new PC and Windows 7 and despite having
mode set to good in the options, when loading the WebPVR it was set to best,
so it doesn't seem to be using the options file. I've changed it in the
WebPVR and saved as default now, which does stick but it would be nice to
use the options if possible, so that if the cookie get's cleared it will
still default to the required settings, so I'd be grateful if someone could
help clear up my confusion on this point.


If you check the wiki concerning PVR setting, basically it says that any
preference/options which can be set in the web pvr will override options set
in the CLI (a few exceptions). As the mode "good" can be set in the Web
interface this will always override the CLI options. 

I use the web pvr all the time (ideal for a simpleton like me) and have set
mode as "good" as the default. 

The section in the wiki covers all this in more detail though no doubt
someone will put me right if I have mis-stated things.

Simon Morgan

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