new version of gigi (again: 0.83beta)

EntropyReduction entropyreduction at
Thu Sep 26 00:14:44 EDT 2013

Hi Alex,

On 25 Sep 2013 at 15:06, Alex Wood wrote:

> Just tried GiGi for the first time, and had a few issues, sorry.

No sorry required.  Exactly the kind of feedback I need.

> I am
> running it on Ubuntu 13.04 x64 and have updates the channels.conf and
> categories.conf:

> 1) I tried to download all the episodes off 'Claimed and Shamed' that
> appeared when I did a category search for 'Consumer'.

By 'category search': did you go Search menu, fields to search, and turn
off everything but 'categorie'?

> I ended up with
> a mixture of 'Cugginton', the movie 'Citizen Kane' and a few real
> episodes.  Amazingly they were put in the correctly name directories,
> although the episodes were names as if they where 'Claimed and
> Shamed'.

I searched for 'Consumer' without doing that, and got a sensible list of
tv programmes.

See below: I'm so far not paying any attention to
~/get_iplayer/options, and I should be.

> 2) The naming convention does not follow that of
> ~/.get_iplayer/options, in fact it uses a completely
> non standard one which is very long, repeats a lot, and is very
> confusing.

Very long and non-standard, agreed.  I personally like very long, but
shouldn't be imposing that on others.  I'll

(a) provide preferences to simply honour ~/.get_iplayer/options or the
default get_iplayer behaviour and

(b) especially do that if user has something already in
~/.get_iplayer/options that I might be about to override.

Could you post contents of your ~/.get_iplayer/options file?
I can explain weird file naming, but your not search results; but
something in your options file might be smacking into something I'm doing.

Could you also repeat search, first temporarily renaming your options
file to put it out of action?

> 3) A tough one, if using an X-Server (VcXsrv - a upodated fork of
> XMing)to run GiGi over ssh in windows, when you ask to open a TV or
> Radio folder,

Via file menu, I presume?

> it opens a desktop window, which will not close until
> you exit the program.

Yikes.  Ok, I'll get back to you on that, after I've read up on VcXsrv.

gigi just calls xdg-open with folder as an argument using python's
subprocess.Popen if you're using File|Open directory for.

> I realise this is very beta, and you have done a marvellous job,but
> thought I should let you know of these bugs.

Very helpful, ta.

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