Help Getting Regional BBC1 Programme

Chris J Brady chrisjbrady at
Mon Sep 23 06:18:08 EDT 2013

Does anyone know if the regional BBC1 programmes are available on iPlayer via get_iplayer?

I specifically need an iPlayer recording of Inside Out tonight (Monday) as per:

Not currently available on BBC iPlayer
Sam Smith investigates the deaths of thousands of seabirds off the south west coast . And we report on the mystery behind the wreck of a World War Two warplane recently discovered in Plymouth Sound.

Its related to this article:

And the recording is intended for the BA Museum archives since one of the survivors was an ex-member of BA Staff:

"Survivor: Harry Lodge, pictured post-crash, was left with a scar on his bottom lip from where his teeth pierced his skin during the crash"

[After the war] "Joining BOAC as a radio officer he worked as ground staff at London Heathrow before his eventual retirement as Manager for Air Traffic Services with British Airways."

Many thanks.

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