gui wrapper for get_iplayer: testers on linux needed

Alan Campbell entropyreduction at
Sat Sep 21 10:35:43 EDT 2013

There are several gui wrappers for get_iplayer out there already
(e.g. giplayer, giplayer-ext and a KDE Kommander script, Get iPlayer 

I've grabbed code from the first two and added another one, 
provisonally named gigi, that runs on ubuntu
(and probably on other linux variants with gtk, like Fedora).

It adds:

    autocompletion offered in the search box, using iPlayer
    categories plus any successful search terms previously entered.
    you can choose a channel to search on; from the Preferences
    dialog you can choose which types of programme to search for,
    and whether to include already-downloaded programmes in your
    search results

    descriptions shown for any programme selected in search results,
    including image and url.

    multiple simultaneous downloads

    ability to play programmes as well as download them (code nicked
    from giplayer-ext)

    more configuration options:
      type of programmes searched for (including podcasts), 
      output file name, 
      whether previous downloaded programmes show in search results,

Would someone with a linux box be able to give it a try?  Runs okay 
on my ubuntu machines, but I could do with some alpha testers.  

  Does it work for you?
  Anything in gui you don't like?  Defaults you'd prefer otherwise?
  Any other get_iplayer features that could be wrapped? (I've not
  done anything about pvr, not sure what that would look like).
The html page in distro (more or less same as detail page reached 
from link below) describes all the options available.
Mac version is probably near-impossible.  
Windows version would require considerable work.  

gigi (or whatever it's to be called) here:

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