Have the beeb's files changed?

roadcone roadcone at gmx.com
Mon Sep 16 15:35:34 EDT 2013

On 16/09/13 20:20, Lorenzo Martinelli * wrote:
> My Sony television can only play up to a specific set of
> resolution/framerate values of AVI files.
> I'm now using an Android video gizmo to stream from the NAS, but FWIW, I
> was downconverting a lot of stuff using Freemake Video Converter, and a
> custom setting I called "Sony TV" has the following values: Frame Size
> 640x360, Video Codec XVID at 25 fps, Audio AC3 at 48000 Hz sample rate
> and 224 kbps bitrate.
> It might be that those are the values I found viable.
> Lorenzo
> PS If your model is like mine, the playback values are nowhere to be
> found neither in the manual, nor on web site. Experimenting might be
> required to find the max values acceptable by your TV.
Thing is Lorenzo, I have been playing vhigh and hd for over 12 months 
with no problems. I've just d/l Sounds of the Cinema in vhigh and that 
plays fine. Same computer, same version of get_iplayer, same memory 
stick, same TV. Very odd.

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