Have the beeb's files changed?

roadcone roadcone at gmx.com
Mon Sep 16 14:45:45 EDT 2013

Hello all,

For ages I have been getting occasional TV in both flashvhigh and 
flashhd versions as available, putting them on to a memory stick and 
playing them through the USB socket of my Sony TV. Recently four titles 
have failed with the anonymous error message "Playback not available". 
They have been listed on the screen but when selected, result in the 
error. The files are the first three parts of "What Remains" and the 
single part of The Wipers Times (oh, and I can whole heartedly recommend 
both). The files have played fine on a computer running VLC but there 
again, VLC plays most things. Very slightly older programs (for example, 
a Proms broadcast) play fine on the TV. Has anyone else noticed a problem?



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